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CerviPRO 2.0 4D Neck Massager + Remote Control

CerviPRO 2.0 4D Neck Massager + Remote Control

CerviPRO 2.0 4D Neck Massager + Remote Control    CerviPRO 2.0 4D Neck Massager + Remote Control
CerviPRO 2.0 - 4D Neck Massager. This intelligently contrived device packs unique features. Unique design allows enhanced massage range to the lower cervical back.

Wireless neck massager equipped with 4 massage heads. Floating massage heads for all cervical curves. 5 massage modes, 9 intensity levels.

Incorporates multi-faceted treatments including heat compress and magnetic therapy. Smart Massager employs TENS Pulse Technology. Magnetic effect delivered through 4D floating electrodes.

Sleekly designed elastic arm sits well around the neck. Wireless electric neck shoulder massager with remote control and USB charging. Environment-friendly ABS grade plastic and high-quality stainless steel. Therapeutic Benefits of Acupuncture Delivered Via CerviPRO.

While the other neck massagers remain restricted to the upper cervical region, the smart design of this device uses 4 floating electrodes made from high-quality stainless steel to reach all cervical curves. The 4 massage heads are methodically arranged to cover multiple segments of cervical spines. This 4D electric neck massager uses diverse techniques for relieving neck and back pain. Just like a trained masseur, this smart magnetic pulse heated neck and back massager manipulates acupressure techniques to ease tension and soreness in the cervical muscles.

Drawing inspiration from shiatsu techniques of kneading, hammering, pulsing, and beating, this intelligent massager effectively emulates human touch to recreate a professional-grade massage experience. TENS pulse manipulates cervical muscles to deliver deep muscular massage further relieving neck and back pains. Get Your Massage Fix With Our Sleekly Designed Electric Neck Massager. This smart 4D electric neck massager features an ergonomic design, that allows the device to fit the cervical spine seamlessly.

The 3D surround plastic arm flawlessly adapts to the user contours, gently hugging the cervical spine to deliver a thorough and efficient massage. The addition of soft airbags on both sides of the neck gives the electric neck massager additional cushioning and makes neck and back massage for pain relief a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Users of this electric massager draw additional health benefits from the built-in multifunctional magnets to promote micro-circulation. In the hot compress mode, the heating function can be activated remotely whereby the two electrode pads of the product will heat up to 42 -C in ten seconds, and stabilize at that temperature.

With a temperature range of 38 to 42 Celsius degrees, this 4D electric neck massager dispenses deep and comprehensive massage. The massager is intelligently designed to shut down at regular intervals to ensure safe use. Your Massage Companion For Life. 4D electric neck and back massager with magnetic pulse heated technology is an effective massager that enhances blood circulation, soothes tired muscles, and relieves pains efficiently. The latest technology embedded in this device simulates real-life human massage to help relieve soreness on your neck and back, improve sleep quality, and ease fatigue.

I do not know what I ever did without this in my life! I really love this massager and it has done wonders for my sore muscles after working long shifts. The heat and massage together cause a nice tingle that goes down your spine.

The 4D smart electric neck and shoulder massager. Alleviates back and shoulder pain with 4D enhanced range electrodes. Allows deeper and more peaceful sleep.

The compact, lightweight electric neck massager is travel-friendly and easy to use on the go. It works seamlessly and noiselessly making it easy to get your massage fix at any time of the day! 1x CerviPRO 2.0 - 4D Neck Massager.

CerviPRO 2.0 4D Neck Massager + Remote Control    CerviPRO 2.0 4D Neck Massager + Remote Control